ALPA has sponsored a LifeLock® program to provide an exclusive 15% discount and one month free to all ALPA members

Identity related data breaches are becoming more common and impacting more people, the Equifax breach alone impacted over 143 million Americans. If your information is included in a data breach, you are 11 times more likely to have your identity stolen.

Protect yourself and your family with LifeLock.

Real Proactive Identity Theft Protection. LifeLock® can detect and help shutdown fraud as it occurs—sometimes up to 60 days sooner than credit monitoring.

Comprehensive Safeguards. LifeLock helps stop identity thieves by protecting you online, helping protect against mail theft, helping to cancel and replace stolen credit cards, and much more.

Advanced Protection. LifeLock® offers additional services, including public records monitoring, Peer-to-¬peer file sharing protection and credit monitoring to provide protection that’s customized for your lifestyle.

24/7/365 Member Service. Identity thieves don’t keep bankers’ hours, so neither do we. Should you become a victim of identity theft, or just have a question, our live and domestic identity theft protection experts are ready to help

Million Dollar Protection™ Package†††

  • Stolen Funds Reimbursement up to $1 million
  • Service Guarantee for lawyers and experts
  • Personal Expense Compensation up to $1 million

*Restrictions apply. See for details. Due to New York State law restrictions, the LifeLock® $1 Million Total Service Guarantee cannot be offered to residents of New York.

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Protect your personal information and defend against attacks with 24/7, proactive identity theft protection from LifeLock®.

From the doctor’s office to the online store, your information is everywhere and identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation.

That’s why LifeLock® works around the clock to keep your personal information safer and more secure. Using advanced detection technology, our always-on service protects you from identity theft before it happens.

Over 8 million American’s fell victim to identity theft last year.2 Get constant and relentless protection. Enroll in LifeLock® during your open enrollment period for just pennies a day!

LifeLock® Services:
LifeLock works 24/7 to safeguard your personal information both online and off:
  • Identity Threat Detection and Alerts
    Alerts you whenever LifeLock® detects your personal information in fraudulent applications for credit and/or services within their extensive network.*
  • Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Offers
    LifeLock will request your name be removed from pre-approved credit card offer mailing lists.
  • Advanced Internet Threat Detection
    Patrols black market Internet sites for the illegal selling or trading of your information.
  • Address Change Verification
    Warns you when a detected change of address is requested in your name, helping reduce your chances of mail fraud.
  • Lost Wallet Protection
    LifeLock will help you quickly cancel and replace lost or stolen credit cards to help stop fraudulent charges.
  • 24-Hour Member Support
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package†††